Friday, February 24, 2012

The trouble with diary gaps is that you feel like you need to fill them.   You can't.

I tutor math for 12 hours a week.  Somehow the thought of offering my services outside of a school setting didn't occur to me until just now.  Anyways, I really enjoy the mother fucking hell out of it.  I think it may be a little like being an adrenaline junkie- you only have one student, and you make up problems and show examples in this massive effort to get the kiddo to have an Aha! moment.  Watching things make sense to someone and then having them go on to getting problems right is an amazing high.

Which is not to say that's what always happens, but the search for the next fix is nicely satisfying in its own right.

Been doing the dairy/wheat free thing for about a month now.  The difference is incredible.  Yesterday and today I didn't even think about taking a nap- life was happening and I was doing things and I got to the end of the day and realized I hadn't spent any effort at all trying not to nap.  Since I'm rolling with the addiction metaphors today, this change of events is akin to a heroin addict not thinking of the lovely glow at all for an entire day.  I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to test whether it's the wheat or the dairy.  I'd like one of them back, but not enough to go back to feeling as poorly as I did.

I put together a clothes rack for the girls yesterday.  Whenever I put their clothes in their dresser they end up pulling them all out to see what they have.  I HATE (!!!!11!1!) washing clothes that haven't been worn since their last washing.  I'm hoping that if the clothes are on hangers then they'll be able to decide what to wear without casting everything to the four corners of their room.

The Boy has cleaned his room! On his own! Of his own volition! Which is not to say I hadn't asked him to, but he decided enough was enough without me delivering an ultimatum.  Also, this may be the very first time he cleaned the entire room without any help from me.  Which is not to say I clean his room.  Usually he requires some sort of encouragement or assistance when he realizes what a Large Chore he has made for himself, but htis time he got himself over the hump.  I finally feel like he might have absorbed some of the things I've been trying for 16 years to teach him :)

Alright then.  Lots to do.  I'm off to do it!