Friday, November 24, 2006

In which Boy is ignored and Simon is left to fend for himself

Peanut is very sad. She has quit eating, which is a worry because all she eats is breast milk, so no eating means we have to watch her for dehydration. I told Simon that I would like just one week to go by without some new worry developing on her behalf.

Simon is sick of the apartment, so after we went to the Dr to have the stuffing taking out of his nose we went to a coffee shop I'd heard about. Boy hadn't really experienced a college town coffee shop in full swing before. He sat wide eyed with wonder as a group of girls carrying a sign on a stick that said "MAKE NOISE" ululated and giggled their way around the shop. There were the obligatory broody young men reading deep books, and a girl with a t-shirt that said "call the white house" and listed the number. Alas, Peanut was in no mood for the shenanigans, so we cut the field trip short. After we left Boy said he wanted to come back often, and that there were weird people in there, and that he really liked it.

Boy is spending the night at a friend's house. The friend just got a Wii. Lucky.

Simon and I watched Battlestar while I jiggled and rocked and held and patted the poor baby. The good news on that front is that I finally figured out how to slip the girl a mickey. Giving her any medicine drops caused her to gag hard, but she'll drink them in an ounce of breast milk. The problem is getting her to drink that ounce, since she's not having any today. The trick is to put her in her crib, because she's so well trained to drink as she's going to sleep that we can get a few swallows in her before she remembers she's on strike.

I'm off to go deal with her now, send me any extra sleep you've got laying around the house,

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Esereth said...

Your entry doesn't match its title! Boy was ignored and Simon fended? When?

Also, I just read an older entry in which you said you feared exhaustion like other people fear pain?

Thank you! That's IT! That is how I feel! I am so glad some-else is like that, some-one who is successfully raising up babies.