Friday, December 08, 2006

Is it really that difficult?

So Weds I was expecting my period, and when it didn't arrive I looked at the calendar and realized that Simon had his surgery during the "danger zone" and was out of commission, so there was no reason to worry.

Today being Friday, I began to worry.

I peed on a stick. The stick said "No worries".

So I looked at the calendar again, and realized I was off by a week. I've been off by a week for a week. Which means we thought we were out of the danger zone when we technically weren't.

So now we worry.

Actually, we don't worry much. Looking at the actual days that things actually happened we figure we're ok, but Simon was distressed that I could mix up a thing like that. He said "Don't you women know how to keep track of these things from birth? At any point shouldn't I be able to ask and have you answer 'Two weeks and one day ago'?"

If I were that person, I wouldn't have two kids right now.

Seriously. I can not be trusted with my own fertility. I can't count and I can't remember crap and if we don't end up with another surprise baby it will be Such a miracle.

Tell me you believe in miracles,


C. said...

so, what about this???

ephelba said...

As of this morning I can positively announce no worries. Until next month's rital scare:) Actually, next month I see the gyno, so many I could, I don't know, get some birth control?