Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Yeah, labor does hurt, but honestly there's a lot of hurting beforehand. My hip has been bugging me for months, and there's heartburn, and backaches, and kicks in your soft bits and headaches....

Today has been very uncomfortable in the belly. Not contractions. Weird pulls and things. Of course, not being one to keep this to myself when I could complain to Simon, I whine. He looked at me askance and asked "Do you have a bag packed?"

"I'm so not in labor."

"But you do have a bag packed..."

"This is really not labor!"

"You're not supposed to wait till you go into labor to pack the bag!"
He's a smart man, that's why I married him:)

Oooo! Oooo! And I have a Boy story!
So Boy is in his room reading, and Simon and I are just outside his door talking, and the dog is going nuts because it's chow time for her. I say "Is there something you need, little dog?" (Hint hint hint to the Boy, whose job it is to feed said dog.)

No response.

I say it again, "What do you need, little dog?"


Just for the grownup's amusement I say "IceCreamIs there something you need little dog?" because it's magic how the kid always hears when you say "Ice Cream" but never "Boy! Get in here!"

About two seconds later his head pops out and he says "What does the dog need?"

At which point I laughed till I peed. Boy swears he never heard me say "Ice Cream", and is offended by the notion that he would respond to that, but I swear, it was damn near Pavlovian.

I'll get around to packing the damn bag tomorrow, I'm sure,

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