Sunday, July 06, 2008

Well hello there!

Hi! How are you? We're doing pretty good. Enjoying the new house. Missing Boy, who is off visiting friends. This morning he called, and the Bean got on the phone with him and was just so pleased to recognize the voice on the phone. I don't think that had happened before. She lit up and said "aHA! Bubba! Hello!", which was altogether too precious.

The little one is crawling. As in, eventually making forward progress on her hands and knees, not as in, zipping across the floor getting into everything that is dangerous or gross. I figure I've got a week or two before that happens.

The house is full of flies. I was sitting in the yard with the girls thinking "Wow. Would you look at all those flies!" The flies were flying into my house thinking "Wow, Would you look at that wide open door." There are so many I'm going to have to open it again and let them out.

On that note, why is it that whatever window I am near has three flies in it. Are they the same three, following me, or is it some strange kind of fly equilibrium?

I've been trying and trying to find funny things for us to watch of an evening. It's surprisingly hard, but I found another winner. The first was Extras. The latest is The Office. As we're watching the manager behave like a complete and total twat, Simon looks at me and says "This you can watch?" The difference is I sorta like the characters in the Extras, so it hurts to watch them blunder, whereas I have no love for the Manager at all. Nope. None. It's refreshing.

The inlaws are bringing Boy back to us from MI, then we're all going to go stay at a "Cabin" on the lake. That's "Cabin" as in "Nicer house than we live in", I expect. My kind of vacation. I find no joy in leaving the life I lead to go sleep in uncomfortable quarters and make do without creature comforts like, oh, running water or electricity or a stove. "Whee! Pooping in the woods!" How is that fun? No, going to stay in a space with more amenities than I usually have is where it's at. "Whee! Dishwasher!" See? That works.

Last night the girls or I were up every hour. Yeah. So this morning I was good for nothing. Of course, come noon we all slept for three hours straight. So. I suppose it's time to be getting on with things.

Look for me in a week or two,


Alwen said...

Our county has a border on Lake Michigan, so I'm familiar with that kind of "cabin": three stories, its own beach, properly ought to have a cook and its own staff.

On the other hand, I grew up in a Boy Scout camp, in the camp ranger's residence, so I'm also familiar with the other kind: four metal bunk beds with thin peculiar-smelling mattresses and a metal Franklin stove for heat.

ephelba said...

I don't mind actual camping too much if it's all people who can do their share going along. Small children who have to be carried are right out. And even though I can have a good time, I don't find such a trip relaxing. After hiking in the woods and hauling water to wash things with and digging holes to pee in and hauling wood to cook over I need another vacation.

So, was summer a never ending stream of new boys to play with, or did they all say you had girl cooties ?

J. Thorp said...

Your take on vacation (and camping) sounds much like my brides. Ah, well -- to each her own.