Monday, August 11, 2008


MyFarmer has up and moved away to Pennsylvania. I have been helping her pack up and whatnot while somehow managing to pretend she isn't moving. Now that she's gone, I have to face facts. Which means that yesterday I was a mean old bitch. I feel like I'm all alone in New York. This is silly, because I do still have friends here. Good friends too. I'm just really missing her.


Last night we had one humdinger of a thunder storm. Usually storms rumble through. A few weeks ago I thought we had a doozy because the wind was whipping and the thunder went Bam! and made the usual storms sound like they're mumbling in their beards. Last night it wasn't thunder that woke me up- it was a new thing altogether. The lightning itself was super bright, and it went POW! Sometimes it went CRACKPOW! It took a while for it start to rumble, and even then the rumblings were so loud they shook the house, not just the windows. It was eerie to hear the rain and the hail and the thunder without the sound of cars or, as is usual whenever it rains here, the sound of sirens. Once the storm petered down to a massive rumbling I began to hear church bells. They rang for a half hour. I can not tell you why. Once the storm really had begun to blow by all the emergency crews broke out and raced all over the place. What I did not hear were two little girls sitting up and crying. Honestly, it sounded like bombs going off, and neither one woke up.

Wishing I could sleep like that,


Alwen said...

We've only had a couple like that this summer, where the windows went white with the light at the same time as the POW.

And can kids sleep! Last night I got home after working late, and our son had fallen asleep with his light on. I went in, turned it out, and managed to step right on the edge of the Lego bin on the way out. Ker-ASH!

This morning he says he didn't even hear me.

J. Thorp said...

Ah, the sweet and oblivious slumber of childhood - I'm listening to Trevor's deep and steady breathing as I type ...

"Mumbling in their beards" -- that's the second time this week someone has used a phrase I was tempted to pay them for so I could call it my own!

My sister saw our Gabe, skinny, shirtless and shivering, come up out of the lake water, and said his bones "knocked together like ice cubes in a glass." Perfect.