Friday, October 03, 2008


SO he says, I'm out of dishes to wash, HA!, like that EVER happens, and I'm all what about the ones on the table, and he's saying there aren't any on the table, and I'm saying what about the salad spinner and the pan , I mean, if you wouldn't eat off it it needs to be washed! GAH!, and he's saying but they blend in, and I'm saying, you mean, with the other dishes that need washing? on the table? the table that you said you couldn't find anything to wash on? and he says, Isn't there anything to wash that isn't a pan?

And he starts to complain about how many dishes he's having to wash, and how low I've stooped to have him wash them all, and I ask him if he really has any idea how much he scared us last night. To which he says, no, but all of them? And I say, You know what? and he says no, nevermind, I take it back, forget I said anything.

Damn straight,


J. Thorp said...

damn straight. can't wait.

Z said...

Oh lord, darling, you're writing about your son and it reminds me of my husband. Not the You Tube thing, the not seeing what there is left to wash up thing.

ephelba said...

It's as if only plates and bowls "count". Glad to know my kin aren't the only ones with that problem:)