Friday, March 13, 2009

I need your input!

I'm trying to make a "mix tape". The songs have to be so catchy you feel compelled to sing, but the words so unintelligible you to have to sing in tongues. So far I've got Matalli Ja Mustii by Varttina*, Bathtime in Clerkenwell by the Real Tuesday Weld, A folk song by a Thai street singer, and just about anything by Tom Waits. Not enough to fill a CD, obviously.


Because she's perverse,

*If you have children, perhaps you know it as The Binky Song.


Rose said...

Are you familiar with Pigloo? They're top pop songs rewritten to be about, as far as I can tell, French penguins. My smaller children have insisted I attempt to sing them Le Ragga Des Pingouins, Le Papa Pingouin and Moi J'aime Skier, and that has pretty much required that I sing in tongues. In particular, Le Ragga Des Pingouins has a bit that's annoyingly catchy + unintelligible. If you know French, I don't think it wouldn have the same effect. If you don't find pop songs genuinely catchy, ditto.

Your word verification today is buromp.

Rose said...

Oh and my dad suggests Louie Louie.

Saille said...

Inna Gadda Davida?

I need the Clerkenwell one now. I'd suggest the original movie version of I Like To Move It Move It, but it's kind of annoying, and the kids ask for it a LOT if you play it. Oh, and there's a Putamayo song called Bongo Bong that probably fits the bill.

Heh. I got upeedl. It sounds like someone being overly cute talking to Lucy.