Friday, January 29, 2010

Why I don't post

I remember this blog. It is important to me. I've spoken about its purpose in several other posts, so I won't carry on about it again. My point is that I don't want this blog to turn into a place where all I post about is how tired I am and how messy my house is. It's been said, and since my life is so small and mean right now I have little else to say.

I have high hopes though. I keep hoping I can beat this Thing and get on with my life. Treatment options are on their way. In the meantime I'm still learning to get a handle on how much I can get done without it being too much. Focusing on living life in small bites.

So, I guess I'll be back when I've got more to say.

Hope it's soon,

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Z said...

Your instinct is right, I'm sure. It's good to vent once in a while, but mostly it's better to blog about the good stuff, because then that's what you'll focus on.

Hope things improve before long and I'm really sorry you've got such troubles.