Monday, May 10, 2010

Packing like a mad woman

or re-packing. Opening lots of boxes and getting rid of half the contents which means I have to fill it back up by opening another box and look! I haven't seen that book in ages and then I start reading my old journals and



Can I just say I have the most amazing mind ever? I mean, I'm reading events in these journals and saying to myself, Wow! That was a Big! Upsetting! Event! and I can't remember jack shit about any of it. Sometimes I might remember the feeling I had, but by and large I can't remember bubkiss in the way of details.

Which just goes to show you should update your blogs more often;) Except Z, who is amazing.

Signing off without really updating her own blog in a meaningful way,


Z said...

You're amazing (you forget whole enormous events? Really, girl - did you give birth any time that you can recall? ) and you made me laugh.

Do you know, I never kept a journal in my life until I started blogging? I was going to say something there about dogs and tricks, but whichever way I put it sounded rude, so I don't think I will.

the cat said...