Thursday, May 29, 2008


Today was the first time I paid more than $4 a gallon for gas. I honestly thought the sign was wrong. I had to think, have we already gone all the way through the $3s? And then I decided yes, we had, and now the suck is here.


I can remember when the first Bush made a mess in Iraq and the price of gas jumped. I was cleaning out my car for cans because you had a hope of getting a gallon of gas with what you might find. I also remember thinking gas was expensive then. Now,here in NY, I'd have to have 85 cans floating under my seats to get a gallon.

On a happier note, today was the first time the Bean had her own ice cream cone. She knew just what to do with it. It dripped on her hand, and she couldn't have that, so she tried to wipe her hand on her pants and she dropped her cone. Simon said "She can't eat that now, can she?" I said "You can't stop her, can you?" and it was back in her mouth just like that. Then she got a napkin and tried to clean up the ice cream that was on the ground.

She's terribly cute today. She saw some paint on the ground and said "LELLO!" I said "Blue." She said "BLOOO!" and then I tried to teach her the Blue song. She's been working on the katamari damacy song all day, and proceeded to sing that instead (You can hear it here.).

On a completely random note, our local brewery is afire even as I type. We are sad. It made pretty good beer, and I was hoping to go on a tour with the whole family this summer. Instead, I went to the grocery store and bought two kinds of their brews. It'll just have to do.

Going to bed before the beer wears off,


Alwen said...

Well, I don't find the sequence of $4 gas > dropped ice cream > brewery fire to be so random. That's how my mind works, too!

It's supposed to be thunderstormy today, an excellent day for ice cream at the local dairy bar (fewer tourists).

J. Thorp said...

burning brewery:
tonight i face east and raise
a pint of rauchbier

(There isn't enough good beer in the world, or rather, there's too much bad beer. A sad day ... are the brewers okay?)

ephelba said...

The latest news is that two guys were fixing stuff in the bottling plant and saw the fire start. They tried to put it out and (sadly) couldn't. They were treated at the hospital for smoke type problems, but as far as I know they're going to be okay. Nobody else got hurt, and it looks like that's the only building that's going to be lost, although it will be a total loss. All in all, things could have been much worse. The owner says they're going to come back from this stronger than ever.