Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ready or not? (A brief swinging of the arms at the monster of ignorance)

If you ask a white West Virginian if they are ready to have a black man for president, they say "no".* On camera. They say they don't want a Muslim for president. That they want someone who knows the pledge of allegiance. That they want someone who was born in America.

Essentially, they say "I am ignorant."

A. Obama is not Muslim. That is not a matter of opinion. You can't just say "I think he's a looking a little Muslim-y today. A little Islamic around the edges.."

B. Obama knows the pledge of allegiance, having had to say it everyday in school like everyone else because

C. he was born and grew up here. You Can't be president unless you were born in America, you big fat-heads.

How bout this. How bout you decide if you want a president who gradated from Yale with better than a "C" average.** Who can actually speak coherently.*** Who organizes things.**** How bout you get over his dermis and pay attention to his mouth.

If you vote McCain because you want four more years of Bush, that's fair, ok, whatever, but don't you dare vote for McCain because he's not black, you dumbass mother fuckers.

And lastly, can we all quit saying "Hard working white voters" as if the ones who aren't white aren't hard working? For less pay?

Thank you.

* I suppose there are exceptions. I also suppose many of them ain't from round there, and are sorry they ever did move there, bless they hearts. I bet they's fixin to move.

** I don't know this for a fact. Having listened to him speak, I'm willing to bet on it.

*** I'm not saying "My, isn't that wonderful diction from a black man!" I'm saying "What a relief to hear ANYBODY give a speech WELL for once!" I have to turn the radio off if I hear the Bush talk, because he's just such an awful speaker.

**** Hillary and He were in, umm, Ohio? Maybe? He had headquarters all arraigned ahead of time, with his number in the phone book and everything. She had to take what rental space they could find. Her number in the book? Not so much.

***** Yes, I swear much. The Bean can now say "Shit" perfectly, and at the appropriate time.

saddened by the truckloads of stupid she heard and read today,


J. Thorp said...

I feel you, except the part about McCain being four more years of Bush. McCain may be the Bushiest of the field, and is necessarily courting Bush voters -- but a Bush clone he is not! He wouldn't need to work so hard to *appear* Bushy if he were naturally Bushy ...

I heard the WV thing on the radio heading home last night. Wow. If Obama is elected, the secret service will be working overtime!

(You get a little fired up now and again, no?)

ephelba said...

Yeah. Too tired to handle my temper. I'm like the Hulk, only less green:)

Of all the Republicans I'm familiar with, I have to say he's probably one of my favorites. I would feel better with him in the White House than with Bush there, but that doesn't say much since I might feel better with a glue sniffing lemur in the oval office.

Anywho, I can't resist poking a little fun at McCain,
have you seen this?
I actually get what McCain's saying, but I don't know that I agree.

J. Thorp said...

No, I hadn't seen that -- too funny!

But *if* we can't elect the glue-sniffing lemur (because the folks in WV are anti-Madagascar, to boot) and *if* we wind up with a hawkish Republican instead, I guess I'd just as soon it's McCain. Never had a much of a choice on that ticket, in my opinion ...

Y'know, I could deal with Powell. Heard him speak at the U. There's a guy who got ridden into the ground ... and a Republican who could be a helluva president.

ephelba said...

Yeah. I'd totally vote for Powell. I think I could get behind anybody with some brains and integrity. He's got too much of both to run:(