Saturday, October 07, 2006

All my free time

I really can't imagine when I think I'll be doing these things, but I've been collecting ideas over at 52 projects. It is a hotbed of creativity.
I went there to get some ideas for thoughtful gifts I could make for people on the cheap. There was some of that, but not much that will be ready by this xmas.

I hate xmas. Honestly, who's the genius who thought it would be a great idea to give everyone we know a gift on the same day? You'd have to be a Rockefeller to be able to afford it. If you ask me, gift giving is what birthdays are for. You celebrate everybody one day at a time, and you make it good. If you must celebrate a winter holiday, make it about the food. But that's just me, Scroogy McScroogster.

I suppose everyone will end up getting peanut brittle again.
And they damn well better like it.

I hadn't meant to put up an "I hate xmas" entry, I meant to put up a "Isn't this site cool" entry. Check out the "What's your project" page. Also the 52 Figments page is good for inspiration if you're in need.

On a "My husband was right all along" note, last spring when we moved into this apartment, we set the thermostat for 70 degrees. I had never had radiators before, and attributed the lovely warmth to them. Why doesn't everyone have these, I wondered. They made the place seem so much warmer than 70. I had never been so happy in the winter. Then we got the bill, and woe was us. And we decided we would never be able to set the thermostat above 65. Ever. And we weren't sure we'd be able to afford that.
A month ago we set up Simon's xmas present from last year- a clock that tells you what the temperature is inside and out. And today, when I realized the radiators had come on even though I had it as low as it would go, I said uncle and turned the thermostat up to 70. At which point I was again amazed at how great the radiators work. Until I saw that it was 75 degrees in here.


Boy says, is 5 degrees such a big deal? You can tell he's never paid a gas bill, huh.
Also, Simon is going to be shouting "Aha!" because he kept saying "There's no way this is 70." while I kept saying "But the thermostat says it is!"

Must admit I have things that need doing,
(like waiting for Simon to read this and gloat:)

Simon has read the post, and says I don't do justice to exactly how right he's been. He's been very right, folks. He must have observed it couldn't be 70 a hundred and a half times, and he was right on each count:)


dawn said...

The whole exchange between you and your husband made me chuckle. :-)

Esereth said...

Seriously, adults in the same family should just do the "draw name out of hat, give one good gift to that person". Rock and I have instituted it in our familys.

Peanut brittle. Excellent. We gave cookies and beef jerky and fudge last year.