Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I knew I should have taken pictures...

So I took Peanut to see the Dr. He said "Let's wait a few months and see if it gets better".
You mean, till she's a year old and the damage becomes more difficult to fix? So I say to him that I'm worried about what is causing it, and I don't want the facial asymmetry to become permanent. He says something, in a questioning voice, to the effect of "I guess physical therapy could help."
I am not feeling happy with my Dr at this moment, no siree. I say, to Zoe, "Shall we do that then?" Which is his cue to say "I suppose we can get her in to physical therapy."

I want a Dr who, at the least, excuses his/herself, looks up torticollis and its causes, comes back and does a thorough exam, then sends us off for treatment. I have no idea if this guy is blowing us off, or if he really does know that the torticollis will resolve itself. I know he is trying to please me by ordering whatever I ask for, but I would like a little more assurance that he is the Doctor and he knows what he's doing. I feel like I'm having to be the Doctor. I can't be a Doctor. There's too much I don't know.

Then I begin to feel sorry for this guy. He's nice enough. What if he loses all his patients because he's so.... quiet and... withdrawn? Seems like a waste of Doctorness. Maybe it's just me. Maybe other patients love him. I hope so, because I really don't wish him ill.

Going to bang my head on a wall,


naive said...

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C. said...

woman, you are the best, most aware, and concerned mom I know. you are doing a good thing, insisting...keep insisting.
btw...speaking of pictures, i have stared at the flickr photos and do not see asymmetry...head tilt, a bit, but the peanut has the sweetest, most peaceful, curious face imaginable. she is beautiful and you have every reason to be proud of the baby you made.

dawn said...

Go get a second opinion. It could be that your doctor just hasn't heard about it OR hasn't faced the issue and thinks that it is something that will correct itself.

Please let us know how it turns out.