Friday, October 13, 2006

Random Musings

Poopydigs posted a fun thing to do, you go here and they generate a celebrity look alike for you. Of the ten results I got, only One was a woman.
MyHeritage - family trees and photo albums
Actually, I think I look the most like James Spader, but it gets cut off on the blog, so here's a one on one:
MyHeritage - family trees and photo albums
Not that I haven't been "Sir"ed when I was eight months pregnant, wearing a skirt and sporting boobs the size of my head, but it's still a bit of a bite to find out even computers mistake you for a guy.
But it's not my day. My computer puked and deleted all my bookmarks. Yes, ALL. And yes, DELETED. It was not as thoroughly groomed as my Netflix list, but it is mourned none the less.
Also, I have a roid. Too much info, I know, but there it is. My bottom is very sad now.
I was planning a trip to the drugstore for roid cream, and since Boy has been chewing his fingernails to nubs I thought I'd get some bitter stuff to put on his fingers to get him out of the habit. Then I imagined going to the checkout with roid cream and bitter apple. I said it would look like I was trying to stop licking my butt. Simon says that's not funny, but it made me laugh.

Taking my tender ass to bed,


BUNZIT said...

That was the best laugh I had all day!! melissa

emma said...


(Sorry about the bookmarks, I know how annoying it can be to have to retrace all your great finds.)

Esereth said...

Frankly I think you deserve some credit for trying to stop. Habits are powerful things.

I think Cristopher Columbus is neither hero nor villian. He just is. He was an explorer, he did what explorers do. If not him, someone else.

You are so much cuter than those aisan politicians.

Mom101 said...

Ha, I remember doing this a while back and I looked like pretty much anyone from Jennifer Aniston to Madeline Albright.

Meanwhile, James Spader was always on my list. So now you are too. Heh. n

dawn said...

It's the glasses, I'm sure. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. Blech.

I keep triple backups of my bookmarks for exactly that reason. It's a pain to replace them all. :-(