Saturday, August 04, 2007

Of course I did.

Googling is next to godliness- of course I googled. I'm proud I waited as long as I did. I only read two sites. That was enough. I can totally see why he picked this syndrome as best candidate, because if you take all of Peanuts quirks and write them down in a list, you can find all of them on the list of symptoms/conditions for this syndrome. Thankfully, all of the symptoms and conditions on the list cannot be found in Peanut. Some of them are harsh.

What is most upsetting to Simon and I is that (almost all?) kiddos with this syndrome have learning disabilities. Lower IQs than average. (Arguably) higher rates of mental health issues. Of course, the severity of the problems varies with the kid, but, of course, we don't care, we don't want Peanut to have problems at all.

So now we wait. Two weeks. At least. Results should be in around then, and then if the news is bad I do the full, all out googling and we make The Trek again.
If it's good we thank our lucky stars. A lot.

Crossing my fingers,

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