Friday, August 10, 2007


Hypothetically speaking, if you went and knocked on your neighbor's door, and it had a large window with no curtain, and you could see in their house, and you saw the lady of the house and waved "Hi!" and smiled, and she left, and then her boyfriend came out from the bedroom holding a steak knife, then he answered the door perfectly friendly like (whilst still holding the steak knife), then he was very conciliatory about turning the music down (whilst still holding the steak knife), and you were all understanding and grateful (whilst wondering about the steak knife), but the entire time he kept holding a steak knife (and by holding, I don't mean, like, kinda fiddling with it or holding it like you're about to wash it, maybe, or you were just using it in your bedroom to, ummmm, open the packaging on your new bedsheets, I mean, like, holding it tightly gripped in the fist, with the pointy end pointing at the person at your door- a person who is one of those scary pregnant ladies that jump you and kick your ass and waddle in your house and steal your new bedsheets) .....


Would you think it odd?

Trying not to, but thinking it odd anyway,

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