Wednesday, March 12, 2008

And around we go.

So the nice lady said they'd read the EEG and send the results to our doctor that same day. Didn't hear a thing, but I thought it was a bit early yet.

The next day I call our Dr's office, who says that Dr Whosit will read it and get back to us. No one did.

Today I called that Dr Whosit's office. They said "What? We wouldn't read an EEG from there. You'll have to call your Dr's office". So I called my Dr's office again, and they said they'd get back to me.

Tomorrow I'm going to call Syracuse, and I Know they'll say they read it on Monday, would I like to hear the results?

On another note, the mister's hairs are growing back in where he had to shave. The effect, in bed, is not unlike having a menage a trois with me, him and a brillo pad. TMI, I'm sure, but I had to share.


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