Monday, March 10, 2008

My Daughter is Hard C0re!

Dude! She stayed up till midnight last night, and probably would have stayed up later but I had pity on her when she started signing "blankie" over and over. At six this morning I got her up and she kept going until about 11:30 before she took an hour long nap.
Wish I was so perky.
These shenanigans were for the purpose of getting good results on her EEG. I was worried she would cry and scream at the sight of the room and a person in scrubs. She, in fact, did. Then the nice lady sat us in a Comfy Chair, and I didn't assume the blood-draw position, so the Bean knew something was different and she became content to glare at us suspiciously. The lady was a pro and the Bean didn't cry anymore. Yay!

As for the results- wait and see. As usual. I stared hard at the screen whilst the test was going on so I consult the oracle when we got home. Having done my usual google fest I am very confident that most of the test went just fine. There were a few spots that I remember wondering about at the time because they looked different than what was usually going on. Having not been trained in this sort of thing I can't really say it was good, but I am positive that it wasn't really bad. How's that for a convoluted thought.

On another note, the hubby says he doesn't so much like being referred to as the hubby. I shall therefore attempt to remember to call the hubby "The Mister" instead. He likes "the mister" much better than "the hubby". Notice I got to call him "The Hubby" four times just then:)

On yet another note, someone put up a flier a the post office. It had a picture of the cutest chihuahua/jack russel puppies for sale. I want a puppy. Simon says we can't have one because it would get lost in the mess. I said I would clean the house if we could have a puppy. Simon just laughed. I don't think there will be a puppy.

There won't be a baby either. Simon went and got a vasectomy last Friday. We waffled for a bit the night before. There's something sad about knowing you're done having babies, because babies are the best. They're better than puppies even. When you think about how great they are and how much you love the ones you have you begin to think you want more. And then you remember being pregnant. And how hard it is to get anything done. Including making more babies. And you realize that sometimes what you need isn't more.


If we can make it for a few months without getting pregnant we're home free. I freely acknowledge this is a large "if", given my history, but hopefully nursing will be some protection when other protections fail.

On the last note, my state governor got busted for fucking with hos. Swell.

Wishing I lived back in MI,

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