Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Today I woke up exhausted. Not because anything major or exciting happened last night, but because the little one woke me up right smack in the middle of a dream. I had been explaining how not to be a racist prick to a white guy, but he wasn't listening to me, so he turned into a black guy. Then the baby was fussing and I was awake and desperately tired. I wake up slowly at times like this.
The Bean peeked over the edge of the crib.
"Shra shruh shra shra?"
Which is apparently how she says "You awake?"
The dog heard her, and in a typical fit of morning glee came bounding up over the bedclothes to nurfle me. A few seconds of that and she bounded off again. The Bean squealed with joy. I called the dog back and the Boy heard me, so both the dog and the Boy showed up to get into the bed. I kicked Boy out to get the Bean, and now the morning crew was all accounted for.
The Bean crawled over me and laid down on my chest to snuggle for a bit. The Boy commented on the freakish boniness/wrinkliness of my elbows. The girl got up to see what was going on in the living room. The Bug growled. The Boy moved on to express dismay at discovering I was wearing granny panties and hilarity at my double chin.
I kicked him out.
After feeding the Bug I got out of bed and went to feed the Bean. She seemed happy to eat granola, which made this morning much easier than those that involved fixing her various breakfasts for her to play with. Those mornings suck, because if she doesn't eat she gets cranky. The Bug lay in her car seat and (surprise!) growled. The Boy began to work on English. He ended up coming out to the kitchen to have a snack and watch the Bean while I took the Bug into the living room for some floor time. She growled at the floor while I checked my email and RSS feed. I discovered a new blog, and read a bit. Boy said the Bean was done eating, so he cleaned her up and got her down.
The Bug was tired, so I took her into the bedroom to sleep. I put her pacie in her mouth and sat down on the bed next to her. The Bean came in to jump on the bed, and I suspect when I left she pulled the pacie out of the baby's mouth. Which made the baby fuss. Which meant I had to go back. Which meant the Bean followed me in there to see what was up. I went through this loop at least three times before I noticed what was happening and just brought the Bug out to the living room for her nap.
The Hubby called.
The Bean played.
The Boy read.
I read.
I picked up the living room a bit, but not as much as I wanted to.
I fed the Bean some lunch.
I rinsed the ketchup/body paint off the Bean and got her dressed for the Speech Therapist.
I fed the Bug again.
The speech therapist came.
The speech therapist left.
The Bug and the Bean went down for a nap.
The Bug got up, and the Bean hasn't been to sleep yet.

And then I blogged. Not that you've read anything terribly interesting as a result. I just was in a mood. I've been in a mood lately. The mood to sleep. The mood to play chase with the Bean. The mood to be warm in the sun. What I need is to be in the mood to clean house, pay bills and organize shit.

I find myself wondering what it would be like to live in New Mexico. I imagine it is warm.

Not having to imagine snow,

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