Thursday, January 04, 2007

What I've been up to lately.

Loon is coming for a visit! Hooray! I have been making her Xmas presents today, seeing as she's coming tomorrow and I am the mistress of procrastination.

I have also been rearranging. Simon says it's because Loon and her beloved helped me move in, and I don't want it to look like I haven't done anything since then. I think it's because I'm too excited to just pick up a little. A quick pick up isn't grand enough, no, I have to rearrange half the house. At least half. Hmmm.

Also, Boy got Super Mario Bros for xmas, so I have been busy discovering the wonders that everyone else my age has already got memorized. I didn't have TV when I was Boy's age, and most "secular" things were banned from the house, so I am still playing catch up on some things.

As a freshman in college every song I heard was new to me, so I would be like, "This music is AWESOME! Who is this?" And everyone would be like, "Umm, seriously, it's the Beatles". Or CCR, or Jane's Addiction or The Police or They Might Be Giants. Didn't matter who it was, I hadn't heard of them. I did listen to the radio in my car once I hit 16, but if the one station we got didn't play it, I hadn't heard it. The station played bands that printed their T-shirts on black poly-cotton. You can understand why my musical diet was lacking.

Simon thinks Lucy is depressed. I say she's always slept that much. I'll admit she realizes her Pack has changed. It's a good thing I'm a SAHM because I think she'd freak if she were to be left all alone all day after four years of hanging with Mabel. I take her with me in the car to run errands, and today I was one of those nutty ladies with her dog in a bag. "Just trying to keep my dog sane, pay no attention to the dog in the bag..." She does get more attention these days. I don't think it is because she gets Mabel's share. I think it's because we miss Mabel and she's the closest thing to a real dog we have.

Which sounds awful. I love Lucy, I really do. I get a kick out of watching her nearly pop when she hears Simon come up the stairs. I love making her happy by saying "Go for a ride?". You couldn't believe the glee. And yet, it is really is more like having a genius of a guinea pig than a dog.

I have plans to make her a doggie bag. By which I mean, a bag for her to ride in, not a bag in which to keep the bits of her we were too full to eat.

going to impersonate an Italian plumber,

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