Sunday, August 20, 2006

And the Survey Says.....

Let me just preface this by saying that for two years or so I made a living in a company that makes pregnancy tests. I know more about them than you would believe. I know things about them that you didn't even know there were to know. And one of these things is that a negative result doesn't always mean "Not Pregnant". Nope. And if you bother reading the directions to the pee-stick tests, you know that you shouldn't read the results after ten minutes. Because they're unreliable. That's true. But the secret that I know is, if you get a line after ten minutes, there's a good chance you really are pregnant. Depends on your body chemistry.
I've done about a million tests with my own pee, and I know I never get a line after ten minutes. Normally.
I've taken three tests in the past two days. Two of them gave lines after 10 minutes. My period is late. I know a positive should be showing now. The fact that it isn't could mean I'm not pregnant. Could mean I am pregnant and my pee was too dilute. Could mean I have an ectopic.
Wish I knew already, because the thought that I could become a mother of THREE is very scary. The phrase just keeps rolling through my brain, MOTHER OF THREE MOTHER OF THREE MOTHER OF THREE. I realize three is not that bad. Many people have three. Or More. Goody for them. For me, three feels like a hell of a lot.
I've got to go be a mother of two. Help make dinner and clean up some spit-up.
Wish me luck,

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Jessica said...

well, congrats if you are! i think kids are great and plan on having 6...but i might change my mind after having 1 =)