Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ta Da!

So here I am on Blogger. Want to know why Blogger is cool? Because adding links and pictures is super easy. Here. I'll add a picture to this very post. Three in fact.
Today's entry is about hair loss. Did you know that while a woman grows a baby she pretty much quits shedding hair? It's true. And did you know that a few months after the baby is born she makes up for it by shedding the hairs she should have shed all at once? Yep. And what is a girl to do with all that hair?
Here are some ideas:

Clog your drains!

Make a Bouncy Hairball!

Tired of your baby being bald? Give her a DIY Wig!
Boy wanted to take the hairball to school for show and tell, but I wouldn't let him. Can you blame me?


Julz said...

Wow... Did you actually make those things? Like the ball or the wig? I am so gullible... I can't tell if they're mass produced or if you spend a long time doing them. I like the ball though! I wouldn't want to touch it...but I like it!

ephelba said...

Hee hee, Yep , I made the hair ball by taking the hair from my comb or brush and rubbing it in between my hands, like you do to make play-doh balls. Every day I added a layer and did it again. The "Wig" is just the pony-tail of my hair that I chopped off to send to Locks of Love; I just set it on her head.