Tuesday, August 15, 2006

If you type it, they will come...

I was at Diaryland for how long, and no one read the blog unless I told them it was there. Mostly friends and some family. I've been here for maybe a week, and I kid you not, people from five different countries have checked me out. Ages range from 13 to 46 (as far as I know). And Three lovely lovely people left comments. I'm just so pleased.
Hello! How are you? Why on earth are you reading this?

Blogs are weird. The internet is weird.

You should know it is a habit of mine to pop up with this observation from time to random time, which makes Simon roll his eyes and say "You think Everything's weird". Which is true. Because it is. Oranges are weird. Hands are Really weird, even if you're not high. Being a mom is Really Really weird. Take it from there, you know the words...

Methinks it is a Good Weird. If we read what's happening in 100 people's brains, do we not feel less lonely, because many of us are thinking the same thing. And when we're not thinking the same thing, do we not gain insight that makes us more tolerant and understanding?


I have read a few blogs that made me want to puke. Someone ranting about how feminists hate babies. Ack. But I suppose even then it's good to know what she was thinking.

My Mother-in -Law is here. Yay! I about talked her ear off, and she's only been here five hours. It's just so good to have someone to talk to. I think I'm usually a pretty good listener- hope I haven't just made her sick to death of me already.

It is incredibly late, and I still have to pump, and then I have to get up at four to drive Simon in to work because we just have the one car, so talk amongst yourselves.

Ever so pleased you're reading,
Thank you, thank you!


dawn said...

I'm not sure if I feel less (or more) lonely. I'm not typically lonely. But I do think I feel more connected - even if it's not something I would normally think or write about because I may not have the same experiences or because I just am not interested in the subject.

So, that's my answer. I feel more connected. :-)

Julz said...

I love the internet because you can see so many different types of people in different stages of thier lives. Reading their blogs makes you feel like you know them, it kind of opens you up to the world more. I hope I don't sound like a creepy stalker or whatever.

Thanks for the comment! That's like what I think- if someone makes something public, you have the right to write about it. And perspective is a big part of it. I guess it depends on a lot of things like that, like taking liberties or making up parts. But there's also artistic licesnse (is that a thing? Like poetic license for writing). Writing about your point o view would probably be the best way to go.


Jessica said...

i think i love blogging because you find so many cool people that i would never run into any other way! it is also super cool to read everybody's honest opinions...people tend to be more honest on blogs than they would be if they were talking to you in person...