Monday, August 14, 2006


Ever Google yourself? First I Googled my given and married names. In my case it was very, very humbling. Then I Googled my favorite screen names, and HEY! That so-and-so stole my favorite screen name!
I realize that there are a million people with my given name, but somehow the fact that there are a million with my chosen name made me feel not very special. Also rather unoriginal.

Then I looked up the screen name I use here and the first thing that pops up is my Husband's entry about our threatened miscarraige with Peanut. And I feel famous. Like a million bucks. Then I feel kinda weird, because don't you get to be listed on Google by how many people link to your site? So, people are linking to this?

Then I keep reading and I feel mad again, because many other people have made the Ephelba, Elphaba mistake, and again I'm not so special. At least I know better. And I read the book and don't think it's about a sadly misunderstood witch who just wanted to be good. I think that's a gross over simplification. Don't ask me what is about, but I know it ain't exactly that.

So Simon's entry is on Google, so I wonder how many of mine are, and I start searching for combinations of words that should hit my blog, and I get none. A Great Big Nothing. Google says, Did I mean something else? No, Google, I meant just what I said, why you don't stroke my ego and show me my Blog? Apparently because no one has linked to my blog ever.


That could have been the end of it, but I set up a site tracker for this blog, and for the first time since I stated blogging I can say for sure that people I don't know have at least glanced at something I wrote. Rather intimidating. And exciting. Makes up for the lack of Googleness somehow.

So now I have a favor to ask. One of the reasons I moved here from Diaryland was to have the comments feature. It is, I believe, up and running. Could you please, just this once like, leave me a comment? It would so, so make my day.

Shamelessly Begging,
Yours truly,


Jessica said...

love the entry...don't we all google ourselves?! i am not really sure what i hoped to find when i googled myself...but i did it anyway. the cool thing was i only found 1 other person with my name, but still not really super exciting...i guess i was hoping to find tons of things about me...who knows.

dawn said...

I was trying to get over here but life has been hectic lately! :-)

I have searched my name, my online names, etc. My real name is also owned by a distant (very) relative in South Carolina. That wasn't cool. Grrr.

I do searches on my blog, on photos from my town and nada. I can't ever find me - and I've been online for years. It does upset me because I have done almost everything I could to make me searchable and I'm not coming up.


(dawn from life inchoate)

ephelba said...

I can't tell you how tickled I am to have comments. It's like putting on your pants and finding a twenty in your pocket.