Sunday, August 06, 2006


Maybe you've read Wicked, and you're thinking "She's spelled Elphaba wrong." OK, I did, but I spelled it wrong years and years ago, and it's stuck to me like wet grass to feet and I kinda like it now. Besides, I'm not her, I'm me.
I have been blogging over in Diaryland for several years now. I am used to it. It is comfy and good unto me, even though I have to pay to add pictures, and I don't have the Comments feature, and the rings don't work, and there isn't a spellchecker.
Then I enter this phase where I MUST READ BLOGS (since I don't talk to people), and for the first time ever I find that I can't shut up, I have to leave comments, and in order to do that here you have to register, and then I discover this thing rocks hard.
Now I'm torn.
Do I move here? Is that unfaithful of me? Would I be nuts to repost all of my entries from the other site? Cause I'm not one to have my eggs in thirty two Easter baskets- that shit makes me nuts. I have two e-mails that I regularly use and I hate that I can't merge them now that yahoo lets you have two names for one account.
It's too late at night to be awake, much less deciding things.

Go read my other blog...

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