Tuesday, August 29, 2006

And Away We Go!

I have been thoroughly spoiled for company the past two weeks. This morning I was cranky after my AuntieM drove away. A body gets used to having grownups to talk to, and the prospect of losing that made me a little grouchy.
The baby is down for a nap, so I thought I'd work on getting Boy set up for homeschool. Just a few last minute details. Like, oh, say, what I'm going to teach him. I feel a little like I'm on a roller coaster, at the top of the first hill.
Example. I want to teach him Biology. I know a fair bit about it, shouldn't be too hard. So I need a text. So I go online and look at a review of texts by a committee of teachers, who conclude that the nine most frequently used biology texts ALL SUCK.
I wasn't expecting this.
So I'll just pull something together myself.
That's like saying I'll just write my own textbook.
Actually, what I'll be doing is referring to textbooks for content, to make sure I don't skip anything, but pulling together the information from the texts and the internet and who knows what all, and ordering it myself. A whole lot of work. And that's just biology. I'll be doing the same thing for history and Spanish too. That's even more work.
Suffice it to say I'm intimidated.


dawn said...

Do you have a homeschooling network near by? I know that there are a lot of groups in my town to assist new homeschoolers in finding supplies and resources. You may also ask teachers what they suggest if you know any.

Julz said...

Sounds like a very big job! If you *really* feel up to it I would recomment tapping into the public school's curriculum and use their textbooks. That way you can go faster and get him ahead but make sure he learns everything! I don't know anyone that's homeschooled. Probably because most of my friends are from school.