Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Scribble much?

So for the subject of Art this year, Boy is going to focus on drawing. We're using a text called Drawing for Older Children and Teens. I'm very excited about it.
The first exercise the author has you do is scribble on typing paper, with markers or whatnot, along to music. The purpose is to lighten up. To get you in touch with drawing as an expression of your feelings. To show you how to let go of your need for drawings to be representational or pretty or just so.
I was convinced Boy would have a hard time with it. He has a million self imposed rules about how drawings are supposed to look and be made.
Boy howdy was I wrong. He scribbled with glee for almost an hour. He actually giggled at points. I haven't seen him enjoy himself that much in ages. Perhaps ever. He just scribbled with wild abandon and laughed.
Hope the rest of the projects live up to the opening act.

On another note... I was looking at my site tracker and am baffled. Maybe you readers can help. Apparently someone from Medellin, Columbia checked out my blog by way of this blog. If you read even just the title of the blog, and you know me at all, you will realize that this blogger and I have very little in common. I seriously doubt they linked to me, and I surely didn't see a link. Also, this person visited for 0 seconds. So how does this statistic get created? What does it mean? I am so confused.

Feeling un-savvy,

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dawn said...

There are a million ways people can link and be linked to.

Btw, you may want to check out this web site for drawing: