Monday, September 04, 2006

Things I've been meaning to say.

I've been meaning to tell you about Peanut's baby shower. And Boy's broken bone. And my mother's last visit. And maybe a bit about families and love.
And I'm putting this down here now so I won't forget, because I can't write now because I have to pump. And wash bottles.
If Simon was here, he'd say "Of course you do." It is rare that he gets a moment alone with me and I am not on my way to go pump. Pump pump pump.
It is cool to have breast milk in a bottle though.
Reason the first: You always know how much she drank.
Reason the second: Feeding her in public is never awkward.
Reason the third, and most awesome: You pump more than you need to feed her, which means you lose weight.
And I just thought of a fourth: You are required to take a guilt free break four times a day.
Ok, I really do have to go pump.

Take to you soon,

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emma said...

When I was breastfeeding/pumping, I felt like 3/4 of my day was spent having my hoo-has sucked on.

You pump on!! :)