Tuesday, September 26, 2006

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I know, you've been waiting on tenterhooks

Wow, could this be the first aside since I moved to Blogger? Methinks it is. I'll have to make it good.
Ok. So here's a personal pet peeve. When people say "Tenderhooks" when they mean "Tenterhooks". Or "Peaked" when they mean "Piqued". Or it's and its, they're and their, then and than, and any misuse what-so-ever of 's.
I do, sometimes, make the last few mistakes. I am very ashamed when I do.

to hear how Boy's camp out went. It went well. Not too much rain, and not too cold. He played well with others. He ran around in the woods. He got his clothes incredibly filthy.

Speaking of filthy, I have to admit that me and my peeps have been a little under washed lately. I feel guilty about this occasionally, when I havenothing else to feel guilty about, but then I read the comments on this entry. I feel better. I'm apparently not the only mom with voodoo hair. I'm also not the only one who sleeps in her clothes or lives in her pjs.
I really miss having long hair, because although it got greasy, if you hadn't washed it for three days all you had to do to be presentable was pull it back. Now it's simply impossible. I'd wear a hat, but it really makes it hard to tell I'm a girl.
Simon went to see an ENT doctor. This is great, because he's had a permanent case of the stuffies since I've known him. The Dr put him on a handfull of drugs and said if that doesn't work there's always surgery. A modest improvement has been made. This, of course, means he can smell now. Which means that showers may become more of a priority. There was a certain security to be had in knowing he couldn't smell me.
Of course tonight we were laying in bed and he says "What do you smell right now"
"Nothing. What do you smell?"
"Last night's soup."
This last comment made by me, because I am prone to noticing odd smells at random times. They can usually be discribed as smelling like butt. But Boy and Simon always insist there is nothing smelly in the air at all. That I'm imagining it. Like people do that, just imagine smells. HA! The stink's on the other foot now, isn't it!
On a comletely different note, Peanut has taken to watching Weebl and Bob. Which really isn't for kids (see the one about Pie Stains, very funny), but Peanut enjoys very much. I swear she recognises the screen. She fusses until the cartoon starts, then watches in silent awe. Actually, she likes some other cartoons too, but Weebl and Bob are a sure thing. Sometimes I worry she'll end up talking like them. I guess the good thing about that would be that no one would know she was saying "Hot Piss!".
I think that's all I have to say right now. I did get another love letter from our favorite Jew-hater, but a discussion of that will have to wait. I have to pee.

Talk to you soon,

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onetallmomma said...

Thanks for the help yesterday. I got the script through our local hospital at a deep dicount...Yeah! I have also singed up for rebate coupons. Lets hope this helps.

And I wish I had paid more attention in high school English. I still mess up my then and than's!