Tuesday, June 11, 2002

AuntieM is Coming!

Hey! I need to add a few names:

AuntieM- My mom away from mom.

Almond Unjoy- Her grumpy old man, who I dearly love.

AuntieC- My other Aunt, also a great influence in my life.

J- Her old man.

So, I thought of them 'cause AuntieM called to say she gets to come for a visit. I LOVE to visit with her, we just talk and talk and talk- it's the best. It's not often I get her all to myself, but since AuntieC is coming up and wants to go to HenryFordMuseum, she is AlmondUnjoyless for a day.

I myself don't care one way or the other about the Museum, but I'm dying to see the girls, so I'm game.

AuntieM makes wine. It is good. She is coming down the night before and we will drink yummy wine and talk talk talk.

AuntieC drinks wine. We'll all go up to AuntieM's and partake. It will be good. We will all drink wine and talk talk talk.

I'm stunned by my inadequacy to relate how happy her visit makes me.

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