Monday, June 10, 2002

White Men Can't Jump

It would appear the girls have given their cousin (read "Loon's dog") a cold. Emma used to be the lone dog in my life, free to receive belly scratches without competition, free to ride shotgun in my car, free to be spoiled rotten by me, her grandma. Then came the puppies. Not only did they usurp her place in my life, but they gave her some kind of kennel cough. Yummy. Did you know dogs are capable of a reverse sneeze? It's a horrendous sounding loud snarf. They snarf and snork the snot back in their head, and Emma sometimes goes through jags of nonstop snarfing until you cover her nose and reverse the airflow.

Boy played basketball today. I have never seen him look quite so white. He has very few skills when it comes to basketball- I'll have to see that something is done, because even Diane Sawyer couldn't play basketball that bad.

Got a blast from the past today! I check out to see what's up with folks from back when. I have never expected anyone to look me up, but low and behold, someone did! A guy I knew in college went and e-mailed me. I suppose you could call him an ex, so I suppose neither of us should be too happy to hear from each other, but honestly it warmed the cockles of my heart. He was my first real boyfriend- I was a total bitch... So it goes.

My ten year reunion is coming up. Am dreading it. In filling out those ridiculous forms insists on, I discovered some unexpected rage towards my class. Why should I fill those damn forms out, it's not like anyone will want to read them! Raggin fraggin blahblahblah... Loon was taken aback by the venomous burst. I'm afraid some kind of Seether will take over if I go to the reunion. My head will spin around and spew pea soup, or at the very least, I'll make an ass out of me.

I had forgotten how invisible I tried to make myself in highschool, and how angry I felt at people for letting me. I had thought I had grown past that stuff. I'll go so far as to say that I have grown past doing that kind of thing anymore, but I guess I've got some leftover anger to deal with. Won't that be fun!

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