Sunday, June 09, 2002


Good advice the first:

Do not, for ANY reason, rent or own an apartment in an attic, unlessing it possesseth central air conditioning.

Good advice the second:

Do not leave the remnants of a bowl of cheerios in the sink (to be washed later...the bowl, not the sink...) if the temperature in your kitchen will exceed 90 degrees. The resulting funk is like no other. I swear there's something in Leviticus about that...."And if you do leave the bowl in the sink, it will be unclean for you, and your kitchen, and you will be unclean till evening."

I've used up all my cups and am now resorting to drinking from rice bowls.

I've also used up all my clean underwear, even my dreaded thong, and have resorted to bike shorts instead. My best buddy, aka Loon, suggested wearing them as my primary pants-like clothing type item, instead of as underwear. Upon closer inspection we agreed this was NOT A GOOD THING, as it resulted in an unfortunate effect she calls a "camel toe". I had never heard this phrase before, but found it quite humourous. So humourous I almost made said camel toe wet.

Boy story for the day:
Boy approaches with broken plastic toy and asks for the "Plastic surgery glue".

Ok, so it's a short story.

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