Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Super Boy!

Written by Boy

Shazam, there he goes.

"Super Boy, come back!" said the Mayor. But it was too late. Super Boy had vanished. But the huge bigger than BIG monster was still alive.

TEACHER'S ASIDE: Where could Super Boy be? Will he be there the next time a BIG MONSTER threatens our safety?

BOY'S REPLY: I don't know, I'm not him.

You know, maybe he left 'cause he couldn't stand the ugliness or the stink. That monster's mom didn't give it a bath.... since 1969.

Super Boy really left cause someone was calling him. Someone evil. Someone untrustworthy. Someone he worked for.

Just joking, it was his mom. He was late for dinner. And he really wasn't a super hero. He was just a normal person. And he left because the monster was a super pooper party pooper ugly....galooper.

TEACHER ASIDE: Ooh Yuck! Hey, what's for dinner?

BOY'S REPLY: Fried monster.

The monster looked something like this:

(picture to be added later)

See what I mean. Maybe he did go 'cause of the ugliness. And I don't blame him. It is ugly. But he is as blind as a bat. So how could he have known. Maybe he used his super seeker.....


The story is currently unfinished. Considering it took a first grader five pages and three different bouts of writing to accomplish, it is already of epic length. I edited it for spelling and punctuation just to make it readable, but all the words and "..."s are his. Ain't I proud.

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