Friday, June 21, 2002


Aww hell, I went through the trouble of typing up a nice crispy new entry and the computer barfed afore I could load it up.

Guess I'll try again.

Just got back from visiting AuntieM. We did indeed have a little drinky of some homebrew, and it was good unto us. We also talked and talked. We talked until both husbands and Boy asked how we talked so much. We then continued talking. We would still be talking but AuntieC had to go home.


Do you remember staying up past your bedtime and listening in on your Mom (Maybe your Dad) chatting with friends or relations? Remember the thrill of realizing you were privy to a conversation she would never have with you. It was exciting even if (because?) you didn't always understand what they were talking about. AlmondUnjoy went upstairs to get something and saw the fleeting scuttle of a supposed-to-be-in-bed Boy. It would seem Boy was basking in that thrill. I can't be mad at him.

Boy caught three fish. They were yummy- sorry I can't share over the internet 'cause they were GOOD. My other grand-folks used to tag team for the best fish ever. This is how it went down: Granddad would take a five gallon bucket and hie him down to a froze-over lake for some ice fishing. He would proceed to fill the bucket with bluegill and sunfish. (Almost) no fish was too small. I believe this was illegal somehow, but I also think that pleased him. When the bucket was full he would bring it home and then he and his wife would fillet the whole mess. If you have never cleaned a fish then you have no appreciation for the skill necessary to fillet a fish that's smaller than your hand. It is significant. The resulting piece of meat is about the width of a potato chip, and when battered and fried can be eaten sans fork in a similar manner. The pain in the butt that the filleting had to have been was definitely worth the yummy result.

Gosh I have a lot of tales to tell, but they'll have to wait for tomorrow as I'm tired.

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