Sunday, June 16, 2002


Today she speaks about herself in the third person.

Last night Hayric and Morning agreed to keep the Boy for another night, leaving Her free to party like a rock star. She showered, put on a suitable bra that put her boobs in the correct location (no wonder it's called a wonder bra), and went to see Loon. Crazy was off on a little trip, so She had Loon all to herself.

You would think the women would take advantage of the situation and go downtown, find some men and ravage them. Indeed, this is what She intended, but both agreed that, in the end, the net result would be disappointment and a hole in the pocketbook. It's rarely fun to go out to bars unless you have a gaggle of fun people going with you already. And the beer's expensive.

Instead, they hied themselves to Dairyqueen where they indulged in various yummies. Afterwards they rented Margaret Cho's new video and laughed muchly.

This morning She woke up before Loon. She let all the dogs outside, and sat in a wooden lawn chair while they chased each other in a string of growls. Suddenly the dogs stood still, and the hairs on the back of Her neck rose as She heard a "zhhr, zhhr, zhhr,zhhr"...Following the dog's stare She saw two HUGE cranes flying low overhead. It must have been the wing beats, because the eerie noise could never have come from a bird's throat.

It reminded Her of the time there was an earthquake right here in Ypsi. She had been sitting on the couch in Little-the-great's house, when the cats all came running up. This was disturbing enough, since they usually spent all day in hiding, but their mewing was oddly creepy too. Then the couch trembled, like someone terribly heavy had sat down next to Her. She looked and looked, but there was no one there when the couch trembled a second time. Her mind simply couldn't fathom what had happened. She walked outside, thinking maybe a heavy truck was coming, or a meteor, or at least that other people would be standing outside equally perplexed.

They weren't. This must mean it had happened solely in Her own house. She decided it must have been a ghost and forgot about it.

Read that again please.

She doesn't believe in ghosts. She is a normally logical person. This explanation made sense to Her at the time, so much so that She ceased to think of the occurance as abnormal. It wasn't until watching the news that night that She realized what a wacked-out thing Her brain had done.

It still disturbs Her to think that the organ She depends on the most is so desperately fallible.

Boy is Still with Morning and Hayric, and She is starting to jones.

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